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The Top 10 Reasons Companies Choose HRWORKS

HRworks offers award-winning recruitment solutions. Our team of experienced recruiters helps clients quickly and cost-effectively fill their positions with quality talent.  In addition, our precision recruitment methodology employs proprietary recruitment software and a unique business model that allows you to make multiple hires at no additional charge.


Our client intimate approach to recruitment allows us to act as an extension of your brand, which helps you build a pipeline of talent and improves the candidate‚Äôs experience.  Plus, HRworks provides you with on-demand bandwidth to fill a single position or build an entire division.  


Here are the top ten reasons clients have been choosing HRworks when they want to recruit the best. 


We are an extension of your employment brand.  We build your brand, not ours.  We build relationships for you.


Our process-driven business model is a more cost-effective recruitment solution than traditional specialty search.


You can hire multiple hires at no additional charge as we only bill for the recruitment time, not a per hire charge.


We save you time by sourcing and presenting only qualified candidates instead of "floating paper" hoping for a hire.  All candidates are qualified for your specific position requirements.


We are award-winning recruitment process experts.  Our metrics are precise, based on proven recruitment process, using HRworks proprietary recruitment technology.


The candidate's experience is better as they are recruited solely for your opportunity using state-of the art technology and high-touch recruitment. They want to work for you.


Our nationally-recognized OFCCP compliance expertise reduces your risk.  OFCCP compliance is built into every recruitment solution, helping you comply with OFCCP regulations.


Military and Wounded Warrior recruitment is part of our recruitment solution, helping you meet your VEVRAA/JVA requirements and provides good faith support to your affirmative action plan.


Your HRworks project manager provides a single point of contact across the enterprise and across industry sectors which streamlines your recruitment.


The pipeline of talent is exclusively yours.  Since we are client intimate, acting as an extension of your organization, the talent we source is yours, not ours.


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