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HRworks' metrics-driven process and team structure precisely delivers top-quality hires with unsurpassed speed, scale, and precision.Our process allows us to recruit against deadlines for maximum efficiency; measuring in hours the time it takes to secure interested and qualified candidates and scaling up or down based on the needs of a project's progress. Because we have a team of professional recruiters who work across industries in a central location, nobody can ramp up faster or deliver quality with stronger consistency.

We don't apply the same solution to every client. Instead, we work with clients to map out a recruitment strategy that works best for them based on their objectives, and then leverage our experienced team and proven process to execute a customized strategy that delivers top-quality talent.

We use a team-based approach that draws on our recruiters' expertise based on the client's business and position for hire. Each team is assigned a senior project manager to serve as the client's single point of contact, ensuring consistency and superior client service. Our recruiters are trained and certified on our clients' business and recruitment needs to provide better results.

We prioritize sourcing channels and directly, actively and strategically source candidates for each project. Our applicant tracking system allows us to monitor a project's progress at every step of the recruitment process, including sourcing, screening, interviewing, qualifying and delivering candidates, keeping each project on track to deliver the right candidates on time, and safeguarding against over-recruiting. Standardized, accurate and complete position descriptions, targeted interviews and profile format ensure there is consistency in the candidates, and that they are on-target enterprise-wide.

Providing clients with a single point of contact and our central location are two of HRworks' key distinctions, allowing us to maintain a knowledge base on each client, tightly control the deliverable and provide unmatched scalability. When a client's direction changes, we can respond immediately and with consistency. Our central location and open environment promotes collaboration, rapid knowledge sharing and seamless recruitment to provide better, faster results.


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