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Presenting Top-Quality Military Candidates for Executive Position

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A company of community development campaign specialists was looking for a Campaign Project Director that would be able to travel frequently. Since the company was very pleased with an employee that was a Junior Military Officer (JMO), the owners hoped to find another JMO to fill the open position.

Although employees for this non-profit were often found through referrals, the current JMO employee could not find anyone through his military contacts. Therefore, the company needed a recruitment firm to assist in finding a Campaign Project Director. Aware of HRworks' military expertise, the company selected HRworks to find a military candidate to fill the Campaign Project Director position.


To find qualified military candidates for the client, HRworks assigned a recruiter with significant military experience. HRworks examined military sites and used previously established military contacts to network. HRworks also looked for opportunities for the company to attend military events to increase the company's exposure among the military community.

Since the company's contact person was constantly traveling, it was difficult to schedule interviews. Therefore, HRworks kept candidates interested by informing them of changes and maintaining regular communication.


HRworks presented three interested and qualified candidates within 30 days of being assigned to the project. The candidates met all position requirements and were Junior Military Officers as the company preferred. The candidates' backgrounds were very similar to that of the military employee already working with the company.

HRworks was able to quickly present military candidates that met the company's precise specifications, saving the company trouble and money.

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